Plum Brandy 50%

Zufanek Slivovitz – Plum brandy – is a fine fruit spirit with the characteristic taste and aroma of plums. It is produced in limited quantities from ripe fruit with a fixed proportion of individual varieties, thereby ensuring the unique taste of a really good Moravian slivovitz.

Apricot Brandy 45%

An aroma that will remind you of apricot preserves. All the fruit used has a BIO organic certification, guaranteeing an unparalleled taste experience.

Pear Brandy 45%

A smooth fruit spirit distilled from pears. After slivovitz, pear is our most popular fruit brandy, owing its wonderful aroma and taste to the Williams pear variety. The characteristic qualities of this delicious variety lend the distillate a long-lasting pear flavor.

Absinthe St. Antoine 70%

Absinthe originated in the 18th century as a concentrate of flavors and aromas distilled from the finest herbs, which prior to drinking is diluted with cold water according to the preferences of the consumer.

OMG Gin 45%

The first legitimate, distilled herbal gin in the Czech Republic. Among the dominant ingredients are a particular sort of African pepper called Grains of paradise, lavender of Provence, our own melissa and small-leaved linden.

Walnut Liqueur 35%

A well-known and respected stomachic liqueur not only in its native Moravian region but also well beyond. A proven gastric tonic with an alcohol content of 35%, its efficacy in relation to proper digestive function is time-tested.

Oak Barrel Apple Brandy 45%

Apple Brandy, which matured in oak barrels for 18 months. If we could, we would call her calvados. But we can’t.

Cherry liqueur 20%

A liqueur obtained by macerating cherries in neutral spirits. Sour cherries are maceraed for three months after which the liqueur is bottled and put up for an additional year of aging.

Juniper brandy 45%

A traditional spirit infused with juniper berries originating in Macedonia and Italy. A scent that will transport you to a pine forest with a taste that gets you back on your feet.