Pinot Blanc (Chateau Valtice | CZ)

Quality wine, dry, alcohol 12% vol. Golden yellow color, aroma has a subtle hint of bread crumbs, Full-bodied wine with a stronger acidity. The wine is suitable for a denser but not very pronounced preparation of beef and pork or for soft cheeses with white mold. (A 12)

Pálava (Chateau Valtice | CZ)

Attributive wine, semi-dry, alcohol 13% vol. Wine with a delicate aroma of a bouquet of roses and a hint of honey. The taste is pleasant, full, with subtle grapefruit tones. (A 12)

Rhine Riesling (Rheinhessen | Germany)

Cabinet wine, dry, alcohol 12% vol. Light straw yellow wine. The scent is clear and fresh. Pure fruit tones, peach and apple. The taste is strong, clean, with a good substance. Long finish, ideal for gastronomy. (A 12)

Frankovka Rosé (Velké Bílovice | CZ)

Moravian regional wine, dry, alcohol 11,5% vol. The taste is medium-bodied, spicy fresh fruity with raspberry-strawberry flavor, supported by a stronger but smooth acidity, with subtle fruity compote tones at the end of the taste, long aftertaste fruity fresh. The aroma is delicate, spicy, pleasantly fresh after ripe raspberries and strawberries. (A 12)

Zweigeltrebe (Mádl | Velké Bílovice | CZ)

Quality wine, dry, alcohol 12% vol. Red still wine made from grapes of the 100% Zweigeltrebe variety grown in the vineyards of the Moravian wine-growing sub-region Velkopavlovická in the village of Velké Bílovice. Finely structured, lighter wine, the aroma is dominated by ripe plum and black cherry. The taste is fine wine with a low trace of tannins, which subtly hides the taste of forest fruits supported by a pleasant acidity. (A 12)

Malbec (Las Moras | Argentina)

Dry, alcohol 13,5% vol. Intense purple color with blue tones. Fresh and fruity aroma of plums and cherries. The taste is velvety with elegant and smoky tones of vanilla from oak barrels. Pleasantly spicy at the end with a nice length. (A 12)

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