Hispánico Elixir (Venezuela)

Hispánico is a unique blend of aged rums originating
exclusively from countries of Hispanic origin. At the end
of their aging process, the rums are shipped to Spain,
where they are all blended. For a certain period of time,
the rums are stored in barrels with unique ingredients
such as herb mixtures, dried Pero Ximenéz grapes,
exotic fruits etc., which give the rums unique taste
and aroma.

Legendario Elixir 7 y.o. (Cuba)

Legendario Elixir is a Cuban rum with rich, subtle and
sweet taste. It has been distilled on Cuba since 1945
from the finest sugar cane. Macerated raisins are added
to the rum to give it its distinctive subtle aroma and
taste. Legendario Elixir noticeably differs from classic
Cuban rums. It is aged for 7 years in American-oak
barrels, has amber color and aroma with notes of
raisins and orange.

Mangoustan ‘s Café (Martinique)

Mangoustan’s Café has a light and fresh taste with hints of coffee tones. In the end it is pleasantly soft with long coffee tones. It is best enjoyed alone or on ice.

Plantation 5 y.o. (Barbados)

This rum has a gold color, distinctive sweet aroma and
refined taste, which will captivate any beginner as well as
a seasoned rum connoisseur. Each glass has a sweet
aroma of tropical fruit and vanilla. There are also subtle
notes of peaches and coconut. Subtle and warming
taste of honey. Further taste notes include candied
fruits accompanied by vanilla, with fresh fruit finish.

The Kraken (Trinidad and Tobago)

Legend has it that a ship carrying the largest shipment of
black rum from the Caribbean islands has never reached its
destination. Supposedly, Kraken sunk the ship and
together with it the largest shipment of black rum was
lost at sea. This rum was named after the mythical sea
monster. This rum has a coffee-brown color, taste of
molasses with notes of exotic spices, caramel or
chocolate with a little bit of vanilla.

Ultimatum 12 y.o. (Guadeloupe)

This rum is a blend of 14 different rums from 8 different
distilleries from Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica. Some of the
rums are made in the Pot Still method, others with
Column Still method and the older ones with Solera
method. It is a fresh rum with aroma with notes of
vanilla, coffee, plums and tropical fruit. Its taste is
just as interesting, with tones of cocoa, coffee and
dried plums.

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