Abuelo 12 y.o. (Panama)

Dark brown molasses rum from a traditional family distillery in Panama is one of the most popular pieces of local production and holds the first few places from world competitions. Fragrant, perfectly balanced, with a pleasantly sweet taste profile and a slightly smoky touch.

A.H. Riise Family (Virgin Island)

The fine, balanced rum has a distinctly sweet fruit profile and its taste is dominated by tones of orange, brown sugar and tobacco. The finish is pleasantly spicy and velvety soft.

Bumbu (Barbados)

Bumbu Rum follows a traditional recipe, which adds
several local spices to the freshly distilled rum. 8 different
kinds of sugar cane are used in the production of this
rum. Each from a different country. Bumbu has a
smooth sweet aroma of caramel, vanilla and
smoked oak. The taste is a bit more pronounced,
with hints of ginger, toasted nuts and allspice.
Aftertaste is again sweet and subtle.

Captain Bucanero (Dominican Rep.)

With its harmonious taste and aroma, this 7 year-old
Dominican rum will surely dazzle you. Dominican
Republic is well known for producing some of the
finest sugar cane in the world, which makes it a great
country for making rum. The rum is then aged in
barrels made of American white oak. Sweet long
aftertaste with hints of honey and smooth body.

Captain Morgan Spiced (Jamaica)

Unique blend of spices and secret ingredients is masterfully
blended with the finest Caribbean rum. The blend is then
aged in smoked oak barrels, which give Morgan its color
and rich taste. Taste notes: Rich tones of vanilla, brown
sugar, dried fruit and warm spices, with hints of oak –
all delicately blended, with pleasant aftertaste.

Blue Mauritius Gold (Mauritius)

Luxurious molasses rum from the exotic island of Mauritius combines pieces up to 15 years old, which were first matured in French oak barrels and then rested in barrels of port wine for another year. The resulting delicacy has a bronze brown color and an unmistakable aroma full of tropical fruits, nuts, oak wood and spices. The taste is soft, soft, with tones of grape wine, caramel, vanilla and exotic fruits. Discover the liquid beauty of Mauritius.

Dictador 12 y.o. (Colombia)

In the production of this rum, sugar cane is fermented
and then distilled, which gives the rum its typical aroma
and taste, as well as medium body. The rum is then
aged for 12 years in already used oak barrels in the
solera style. It has a rich amber color with red tones.
Intense and rich aroma, taste of caramel, honey, dried
seeds and slightly roasted cocoa beans.

Diplomatico Mantuano (Venezuela)

Diplomatico Mantuano is a blend of 8 year-old
column. Strong, heavy and sweet aroma. The aroma
also has notes of dark molasses, cherries, buttery
biscuits, all wrapped up in the scent of sweet
licorice and milk chocolate. Spicy taste, with
rich and oily texture. The taste then has notes
of cinnamon and nutmeg, which passes into
spicier tones of oak, caramel and smoked barrel.

El Dorado 12 y.o. (Guyana)

This distinctive rum is aged for 12 years in oak barrels
and then blended, resulting in smooth rich body with
nice color and spicy aroma with notes of fresh southern
fruits and toasts. Its body is full, smooth and rounded,
fruity with notes of tobacco, orange zest and oak.
El Dorado was awarded 3 gold medals in the
annual Caribbean Rum Taste Test in London.

Clement Blanc (Martinique)

The high-quality sugar cane and the art of local distilleries make this rum an excellent base for great cocktails.

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