Our concept

It’s simple! At The Beer Exchange, you set the beer prices based on the principles of supply and demand! The moment a customer orders a beer, that beer will increase by a small factor for every table in the pub as its supply diminishes. The other seven beers on tap will decrease in price based on an abundance of supply. You can monitor it all from your personal touchscreen, where you can see all the price trends, historic minimums, etc. Pricing is dynamic, creating fun and novel entertainment while you sample our offerings.

Guests order beer via their touchscreen, making waiting for waitstaff unnecessary. Our expertly trained staff brings the perfect pour from our taps directly to your table. Service takes place moments after tapping in your order on your personal screen. As a bonus, the guest competitively bids beer pricing based on “market fluctuations” in competition with other customers. The system offers both English and Czech versions on the touchscreens, as well as an easy request for the waitstaff. Daily starting pricing is determined every morning by a set margin in the industry.

We proudly serve beers from local breweries, Moravia and Lucky Bastard. They both offer a wide variety of beers such as bottom-fermented and top-fermented with a wide range of styles. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy varied “market offerings” throughout your evening. After each keg is kicked, we tap a different one, often with a different beer style. The goal is to offer as many styles possible that everyone can find the favorite one across our 8 taps with beer variety offered rapidly changing. Of course, its proper Czech tradition to pour a beer with a perfect head, it would be difficult to imagine a successful Czech pub or beerhouse otherwise. In addition, we also offer “šnyt” and “mlíko”.

As part of our Beer Exchange concept, we help guests not only quench their thirst, but also their hunger. We offer meals following traditional Czech recipes and a few from across the border.

We offer exceptional service, quality beer poured faithfully following Czech traditions, paired with delicious foods in a pleasant environment that allows one to “play the market” when making their beer selection. The Beer Exchange is a unique concept that keeps customers coming back with their friends or colleagues alike, time and again.

Our timeline

26. 2. 2013

  It all started in February 2013. But half a year of finding space, countless meetings and phone calls paid off. We did the reconstruction on our own, we spent days and nights in the pub to meet the planned opening date.
We are finally opening
24. 3. 2014
So it's finally here. We managed everything, finished the last things in the morning before the opening and here we go. Maybe someone will come, we say to ourselves. They came. And there were a lot of you. The initial problems probably won't miss anyone, but over time we have hopefully caught everything.
We're building again
28. 8. 2015

After 2 years, it turned out that the capacity of Veveří is no longer enough for us, so we are looking for a new space. We managed to win a tender for an old pub in Jánská, so we were able to start. Endless dust and dirt have confirmed that this will be a harder work.
Jánská Open
19. 3. 2016
After 2 weeks of reconstruction, we were stopped by the bureaucracy of the monument office and the whole building lasted for a crazy 6 months. But today, almost on the same day as Veveří, we are finally opening.

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